New York Obesity Tax

The proposed obesity tax for the state of New York is in theory, a good idea. However it must be implemented in a more equitable fashion. In order to explain, we have to look at refined sugar as a scientific element. Refined sugar has been stripped of its nutrients due to the refinement process. As a result, the body no longer sees it as a food. It is treated as a chemical. Sugar in its simplest terms is therefore a recreational drug of sort. Not a necessity but loved and cherished (170 lbs of sugar for the average American every year). Sugar is also habit forming.

Sugar is in fact partly responsible for obesity among many populations but also other chronic diseases, like diabetes. In some research, it has been determined that sugar is the food of choice for growing cancer cells. Other research has linked mineral deficiencies and related diseases to the over consumption of sugar.

Perhaps a more equitable implementation of the obesity tax would be to first determine if a “food” item is mostly sugar. If so, than it should be taxed. This potentially broadens the scope to include several other industries, like candy and baked goods.

Do you think companies should take some responsibility for the obesity crisis? Please comment.

New York Obesity Tax

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