South African Mission Done

Last Day For Clinic and Outreach

We visited a prison today and, for obvious reasons, I was not able to take my cell phone. The prison authorities reduced the number of us that could go from two vans loads to eight of us. While there, we were able to minister to the women prisoners. They accepted 5 large suitcases filled with underwear, socks, toiletries and books.

We also setup a clinic in the prison infirmary. I was able to do health education sessions with the women prisoners. Additionally, we provided gynecological exams, internal medicine, and dental hygiene.

Last Day of Mission

A total of 38 women gave their lives to Christ! Praise be to the Lord most high!

We officially closed the clinic we’ve been using all week, and opened a hotel clinic to provide similar services to the employees and their families before we left.

I am on my way home!

Maseru Sunset

South African Mission Done

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