The Holistic Mindset


It is not the one thing we do that threatens our health. It is not one food item that we eat or the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nor is it one product that we use. It’s not the chemicals that we are exposed to; be it hair perms, insecticides, ammonia, or air fresheners. It is not the amount of substances or medications that we take. Nor is it the lack of water or the amount of coffee we drink. It’ s not the air pollution from cars & trucks, hazardous waste, ultraviolet radiation or landfills. It is not the lack of sleep, rest or quiet time. It is not too much stress or work, nor is it the lack of exercise.

It is the collective use and exposure to all these things that puts the body at risk and encourages abnormal cell growth. It is the careless treatment of our spirit, mind and body that breaks down the immune system. This leaves little time for healing, repair and the replacement of healthy cells. And when the body does attempt to rebuild there is little fuel from whole foods and no reserves to complete the task.

The immune system is not being supported and therefore cannot function at it’s full capacity in order to fight off many of the threats to the body. The loss of good health is so gradual that it can go unnoticed. A sense of what feels normal is lost and often times the onset of a particular symptom cannot be pinpointed.

Many of the items listed above strip the body of key nutrients and minerals that are needed in order to maintain good health.

At this point we must start living. The length of our lives is not as important as we often think. Length of life is not equal to quality of life. Really living is embracing the principles for living , which includes an awareness of purpose and making choices about daily living. Many of the things that we are exposed to can be a avoided or replaced by more natural alternatives. This takes knowledge and understanding, which allows us to live a physical existence, entrenched in love and good stewardship. With the Creator as your coach to bring forth the peace, purpose and plan for your life …Congratulations! Now you can start living.

Reprinted with permission from:

Got Cancer? Congratulation! Now you can start living by Surina Ann Jordan, PhD


The Holistic Mindset

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