Finding Healthy Food on Travel

Healthy eaters can find travel stressful and almost impossible. The following three steps will assist you when looking for healthy food on travel:

bags on beach
Add a travel pantry

Step One

Before you leave home go to and type in your destination city. It will return all of the healthy places to eat in their data base. It could be Johannesburg [South Africa], London [England], or Kansas City [USA]. Store this information in your handheld device or print it out to carry with you. Make sure to contact the establishment to confirm that they are still in operation.

Step Two

When packing for your trip. Reserve a small section of your checked baggage for a small pantry. It could be the size of a shoe box. You could include:

  • a staple of protein like a jar of nut butter a few slices of a sprouted bread in a zip lock bag. Sealed packages of tuna, salmon, or bean entrees. A small bottle of liquid aminos [braggs liquid aminos] to get extra protein and add flavor to a dish when needed.
  • Fruit could include raisins, dates or any dried fruit.
  • Low sugar energy bars for your nap sack while you are out and about.
  • Your favorite tea bag. It will add comfort from home.
  • A pro-biotic to protect the intestines from “bugs” and vitamin-C for detoxing from day to day.

Step Three

Ask people you trust for suggestions for finding a good healthy meal or food supplies.  There are information desks at hotels, airports,  and rental car agencies.

If you are on a cruise ship, a brief conversation with dining management will typically provide the perfect accommodation for you for the entire trip. You should have similar conversations with the hotel executive chefs.

Also budget for a good supply of drinking water, which if you are not traveling by car,  you will have to purchase. This is a must in order to prevent dehydration and to keep the bowels functioning properly.

Surina Ann Jordan, PhD,  is the author of Living Well and  The Seven Disciplines of Wellness

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Finding Healthy Food on Travel

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