Cooler Days and Ginger

We live in a very old house. It is not as energy efficient as we would like it to be. When the temperature falls the house is often colder inside than the actual temperature on the outside.

One of my faithful remedies is fresh ginger. It is great for circulation and warms the hands and feet! Simply grate about a tablespoon of ginger and place it into your favorite mug. Fill it with boiling water (3/4 full). Let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Add your favorite sweetener or lemon and enjoy ….. You can spoon the ginger out however, it normally settles at the bottom of the cup.

Now for some other uses of ginger:

Adds a heartier flavor – many of us use a combination of fresh garlic, green (or red) bell pepper and onions. Add fresh ginger and presto! It provides a meatier taste to your dishes.

Good for Digestion – most of the commercial “ginger ales” contain little to no ginger. It is the carbonated water that provides some temporary relief to an upset stomach. Make your own brew for a real digestive aid. Recipe (vegan)

Cookies – there is no comfort food better than a cookie made with fresh ginger, molasses, and other natural ingredients. Recipe (vegan)

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Cooler Days and Ginger