Organic Apple Salad


Juice of 1 orange

2 yellow delicious apples, chopped (or apple of choice)

½ cup organic raisins

¼ walnuts, crushed


Mix juice, apples and raisins together.

Top with walnuts when serving. Serves 3.

Can be made in advance. The orange juice will prevent the apples from browning and reduce the tartness of the apples.


– cinnamon can be added to taste

– maple syrup can be added to taste

Organic Apple Salad

Organic Fruit More Flavorful

This morning, I had an appointment in Delaware. While driving North on I-95, I reached for the beautiful pear that I had rinsed and wrapped in a towel on the way out of the door. I took a bite. The flavor was so intensely wonderful! It was my first of the season. For a few seconds, I forgot that I was driving! It was organic and as pure as a piece of fruit can get these days. It was so flavorful and energizing. The energy I felt was the equivalent of a cup of coffee without the let down.

Two things (I feel) made it so tasteful: 1) It was organic (grown and harvested without chemicals) and 2) It was fresh, ripened to perfection and in season.

Bottomline: Organic produce is going to be more flavorful (and contain more nutrients). Has that been your experience?

Organic Fruit More Flavorful